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Your Kingdom Off Road ULTIMATE Kit include the following gear at a cost savings:

1 - 1 1/4" x 30' Kingdom Kinetic Rope - $300

2 - Soft Shackles - $80

1 - 3"x8' Tree Saver - $30

1 - 3"x20' Tow Strap - $45

1 - Snatch Ring - $50

1 - Trail Bag for stowing your gear - $15


TOTAL VALUE - $550!!


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I'm so impressed with the quality and strength of the Kingdom Off Road gear! The Kinetic Recovery Rope, Soft Shackles, Tow Strap and Tree Saver are amazing! Great company and great products!

Ashley B
Mesa, AZ

Kingdom Off Road makes the best recovery gear! I have seen and used it many times and it always performs! Two thumbs up!! 👍👍

Peter F
Venice, FL

Really glad to have added this Kingdom Off Road recovery gear to my Jeep! The quality is great - heavy duty, it will definitely get the job done!!

Megan C
Brentwood, CA

What's included in your ultimate recovery kit:

7/8" x 30' Kinetic Recovery Rope

It all starts with our super high quality Kinetic Recovery Rope! With a 28,500 Minimum Break Strength that is over 5x the weight of most off road vehicles, this Kinetic Rope will pull most vehicles out on the first try! When you or your buddy is stuck you want to be able to hook up your Kingdom Off Road Kinetic Recovery Rope and get a head start in snatching out the stuck vehicle. A Tow Strap is static and does not stretch, a Kinetic Recovery Rope will stretch 30% to take the jerk out of your recovery and let you really pull your friend out of trouble!!

2 - Soft Shackles

Next are our hyper durable Soft Shackles! Made of a special UHMWPE material to increase the durability and longevity of what will become your most used item in your kit!! You will use your soft shackles to connect to everything! Connect to your Kinetic Rope for snatches, Tow strap for pulling, Snatch Ring for easier winch pulls. Soft Shackles are the most versatile tool!

tow strap

A good strong tow strap is a staple to any kit. Our 3" x 20' tow strap is the perfect thing for static pulls. Our strap is over-engineered to have a 35,000 minimum break strength and with reinforced double padded loops for extreme durability it will last a lifetime!

snatch ring

Our lightweight Snatch Ring is a great upgrade to the old snatch block! Lighter, smaller and easier to use, our snatch ring is meant to mount using one of your new soft shackles and running your winch line around it halving the power needed to pull using your winch. This will effectively double the power of your winch and can also be used for a variety of off angle winch line pulls!

tree saver

Our Tree Saver is made the same as our Tow Strap. At 3" x 8', use it to connect your winch line to a tree or other object saving yourself (and the tree) while doing a recovery!

Trail Bag

Keep all your new gear in one place with this nice trail bag! This durable bag has mesh end panels to allow your gear to air out after you use it out on the trail!



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Kingdom Off Road


Kingdom Off Road is a Recovery Gear company created to be a family friendly, faith based company focusing on manufacturing high quality off road recovery gear and apparel. 

We are just 2 businessmen that love going off road and the community around it. As we got more and more involved with the community, from being an admin of one of the largest locally run Jeep groups with over 3000 members, to leading a church group promoting off roading, we decided to start a company.

So Kingdom Off Road was born!!

Beginning with positive Jeep and off road apparel and now carrying a full line of Kingdom Off Road Recovery Gear and kits, we are excited to share more with the Jeep and off road community and help others bond and enjoy this lifestyle!!