Kingdom Off Road was created to be a family friendly, faith based company that focuses on the Jeep community and manufacturing high quality Jeep and off road parts and apparel. 

We are just 2 businessmen that love Jeeping and the community around it. Jeepers are the best people in the world!!  As we got more and more involved, from being an admin of one of the largest locally run Jeep groups with over 3000 members, to leading a church small group just to promote Jeeping and off roading, we decided to start a company.

Kingdom Off Road was born from our frustrations with getting the Jeep parts that we needed that were quality made and at a reasonable cost.  At the same time, we were both dealing with situations where neither of us could find a certain part that fit our needs, and didn't need us to sell our Jeep to be able to afford it :)....

So Kingdom Off Road was born!!

Beginning with positive Jeep and off road apparel and soon to carry our first line of Kingdom Off Road parts, we are excited to share more with the Jeep community and help other Jeepers bond and enjoy this lifestyle!! 

Kingdom Off Road Jason               

Jason - @kingdomoffroad_jk                           Josh - @kingdomoffroad_jlu