Ocala National Forest - Jeep Badge of Honor Trail

Having a trail like the Ocala National Forest in our backyard is AWESOME!!! This was our first group outing to the forest and its hundreds of miles of off roading trails.

We checked in with the Tread Lightly group to make sure that we chose a great family friendly trail and set out. We put in at the South end of the forest and joined up to several trails. Many of the trails in the ONF go through water, run on dirt road or traverse massive forest areas. 

Eventually we ended up a the photogenic US Navy Bombing Range to pose the Jeeps for a portrait. 

We also hit the official Jeep Badge of Honor trail and checked in so we could collect our first (of many to come) Jeep Badge of Honor! 

Looking forward to may returns to the ONF, seeing new areas we didn't see and bringing lots of friends to be able to do the trails and if they have a Jeep, get their Badge of Honor!


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